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BELIEFS - here's what motivates me as a Democrat

I believe we desperately need campaign finance reform, get the big money out.

I believe in health care for all.  As a society, we have moved ever closer to the idea that health care is a right, not a privilege. I will work to expand the Medicare system to include all people.

I believe Russia and Putin hacked the U.S. election. This demands strong sanctions and a rigorous, independent investigation protected from White House interference or intimidation.

I believe our country needs a massive infrastructure jobs program ...not a wall on the Mexican border.

I believe our tax system is upside down.  The very rich and big corporations should pay their fair share.

I believe religion is not a test for entry into the US.  I reject a Muslim ban and registry.

I believe in science.  Climate change is real and must be addressed.

I believe the U.S. is a world leader and that means cooperation, not confrontation.

I believe immigration reform has to include a path to citizenship.

I believe government has no business making my birth control decisions.

I believe in the rule of law.  Democracy fails if our leaders don't obey laws.

I believe Medicare works well and should not be turned into a voucher program giving insurance companies control to raise rates.

I believe our President must show his tax returns. We have to know if he has conflicts of interest.

I believe in diversity.  I welcome all people as my neighbors, co-workers and community leaders.

I believe we already have plenty of bombs and war-making capabilities. I don't want an arms race.

My Commitment To Keep You Informed

Here are methods I'll use to get your input on proposed legislation before a vote, instead of just telling you how I voted:

- I will consult individuals, organizations, government offices and businesses about an issue before I vote.

- I will hold town halls to hear what constituents are saying about current issues.

- I will conduct opinion polls on Facebook or my website to allow people to express how they feel about a topic or bill.

- I will make public the number of calls, emails and letters I receive on topics of great interest, identifying the numbers for and against legislation.

Here's how I will approach each issue as it comes up in the form of a specific piece of legislation:

- I will be open to the opinions of all constituents in the 4th Congressional District, not just those in my same party.

- I will be open to change my mind on an issue based on new information.

- I will not vote the party line unless I wholeheartedly agree with it.

- I will ask you to be willing to review proposed legislation with an open mind and provide your constructive critique.

Health Care

My Approach to a Health Care Policy:

I believe health care is a right, and not a privilege for the rich or folks lucky enough to be employed by a company offering medical coverage as a benefit. I would work tirelessly to continue the basic coverage features of the Affordable Care Act. In addition, I would encourage my colleagues in Congress to push this to the next level, which is health care for all. All other advanced countries in the world have found a way to accomplish this goal. My confidence in American ingenuity and innovation to solve this problem is steadfast. A recent Gallop poll indicates nearly six in ten Americans want a single-payer system. Even Republicans support the idea with 41 percent favoring a single-payer system.

Medicare is the model we are most familiar with as a single-payer program and most people have favorable opinions about it. Medicare-for-All would require people to pay premiums on a sliding scale. In addition, people would have access to regular doctor’s visits to provide them with preventative care, which keeps people healthier and happier, thus reducing overall costs. We need to reduce the reliance on hospital emergency rooms for non-emergent health care. By proactively making drug, alcohol and mental health care treatment widely available, we get much closer to solving these devastating public-health issues.

I encourage you to read my expanded thoughts on this important issue.

Climate Change

We cannot ignore the changes occurring on our planet. We already know they are responsible for new migration patterns of people as they seek food or water. And in some areas of the globe people are retreating from too much water. We have two choices, be a leader on this issue or be left behind. We need a leader on the issue of climate change, a person who will work with others to find solutions to a problem that is real and not going away. You deserve a leader willing to dig deep into how proposals affect working people and to see through the distortions promoted by the money interests in this issue.

It would be extremely short sided to return to the use of fossil fuels to sustain and grow our economy, especially when we have already incorporated so many new, advanced technologies that use clean sources of energy. The decisions we make today will affect what we leave behind for our children and grandchildren.

The people of the 4th Congressional District deserve a leader adept at independent thinking to make the long-term decisions that are in our best interest.  

Please read my extended comments on climate change for more details.


Get To A Solution On Immigration

Congress has been kicking this can down the road for more than two decades. I believe now is the ideal time to find a solution to immigration that will not only benefit thousands of people living in our congressional district, but will bolster our local economies as well.

I will be a strong voice in Congress to demand we address this issue now, not later. Creating a path to citizenship for eligible individuals is our future. This system must include a detailed application process and a stringent e-verify program. In addition, we need a manageable Agricultural Guest Worker program.

Please read my extended comments on immigration for more details.

Consumer Financial Protection

The level of greed displayed by many of the wealthiest people and corporations in our nation today is frankly appalling. It's also the strongest argument for the need to embrace collective rule making. If we didn't have laws to create a sense of fairness, we'd still be in the system of land barons and serfs.  

There's a trend underway to break apart that fairness and give unfettered advantage to the already rich. We are watching that play out in decisions about health care, the proposed return to fossil fuels and allowing your browser history to be sold to advertisers. In addition, the attacks on net neutrality to allow for different levels of pay for the Internet, tax reform proposals giving the biggest breaks to the rich, and the recent House vote to eliminate most of the 2009 Dodd-Frank legislation are all alarming.  

Greed brought our nation to its knees in 2007. Wall Street investors took advantage of every loophole to create increasingly risky financial ventures. They have demonstrated they cannot be trusted with our money. Smart, strong and independent leaders would not vote to eliminate the protections established by the Dodd-Frank legislation.

We need an independent leader in the 4th Congressional District to represent your best interests, not the interests of the wealthiest and big corporations. 

Please read my extended comments on this important issue.

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